Gunsmith Per Langvad

This is an example of our work. These images are made for a danish hunting magazine. The story is the historical aspect of the shotgun. Gunsmith Per Langvad restores old shotguns in his shop in Denmark. It is fascinating to see the craftsmanship needed for this kind of work. As a photographer this is so great to see a man working with old tools. To see the effort that is put into each gun to restore and repair the vintage guns so they are fully functional. I always admire those who have the skills to work with their hands. Either it is to create new things or, like this guy, to give old guns new life and help us remembering the past. Please enjoy these pictures.

Bøssemager Per LangvadBøssemager Per Langvad Bøssemager Per Langvad

Bøssemager Per Langvad

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